As one of the most important appliances in the home, your heat pump requires routine maintenance and yearly checkups to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely. Single Systems (heating) and Split Systems (heating and cooling) use a single heat pump to provide optimum air temperature in your home. Through scheduled annual maintenance, you can reduce the risk of a major malfunction or breakdown, which can cost a lot to repair or replace.

Decreased Efficiency

Any time the components of your heat pump become broken or dirty, they will restrict the airflow significantly, and cause damage to the compressor. Restricted airflow can also decrease the heat pump's efficiency level, costing it more to operate. Having your heat pump inspected annually by a licensed heating/cooling technician can expose hidden issues and prevent many safety hazards.

Reduced Refrigerant Levels

As a heat pump ages, it can often lose significant levels of refrigerant, the liquid that transfers heat between the interior and exterior coils. Loss of refrigerant can diminish the heater/air conditioner's performance level. Through schedule maintenance, a certified heating technician will check the levels of refrigerant and add any needed amounts, so the pump will operate properly.

A Damage Compressor

Single or split heating/cooling systems depend on the compressor to heat or cool your home. In the summertime, the heat pump is used to pull hot air from the interior of your home and discard it outside. In the wintertime, the valves of the system are reversed, to absorb warmth from cool or cold air. The warm air is then compressed to intensify the heat, which is blown through the vents of the house.

Maintaining proper airflow is essential to keep the compressor operating smoothly. By not changing filters on a regular basis, the interior coils of the heat pump/air conditioner can become clogged with dirt, hair and other particles, which restrict airflow dramatically. In time, clogged coils can cause severe damage to the compressor and require maintenance or replacement.

Technician Provided Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance is extremely important to keep the unit running smoothly for many years. Small, unaddressed problems can turn into costly compressor problems later on. Each year, a professional certified technician should perform all heat pump maintenance. Detection of any pump problem or malfunction requires immediate attention to eliminate further problems.

The maintenance required for heat pumps is out for the home do-it-yourselfer.. Proper maintenance will ensure that the inside and outside coils are functioning properly. Maintaining proper refrigerant levels will keep the compressor running smoothly for years.